Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Keep Or Not To Keep?!?!

That is the question! While at the dog park on Saturday, we spotted this little guy and a few others in the "small dog" section. Lilah went over to say hello and basically the foster mom told us that the pups were actually up for adoption.  "OH No! Really?!?!" Ugh.  We had been slowly looking for a lap dog for Lilah, but weren't sure if adding another pup to our lives would complicate things.

His "name" is Bolt.  I quote it because if we were to keep him, I am pretty sure we would change it.  He, along with his other siblings, were oh so irresponsibly put into a garbage dumpster, left to die.  The vet thinks he's a Chiweenie: a crazy blend of a chihuahua and "weenie" dog aka datson.  

I borrowed him for 24 hours and that 24 hours turned into 48 hours.  We have to make our decision today.  I'm still waiting on the relationship between Sadie and Bolt to develop. Bolt certainly holds his own and Sadie seems to enjoy the company, but they are not quite at the stage of love. There is loads of biting, chasing, and barking at one another. Bolt uses Sadie's nails as free raw hide bones and pulls Sadie's neck skin out, with his teeth.

It's certainly going to be hard to say no.  Saying yes will just require a little bit of potty training patience, constant puppy playdates to grow Sadie and Bolt's love, and more vet bills.  Fortunately, this little guy doesn't eat much.

I joke at call Sadie, Arnold  Schwarzenegger and Bolt, we call, Danny DeVito.  To keep or not to keep?!?! That is the question.

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