Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fire Pit Fun!

For Father's Day, I bought "Big D" (that's his nickname) a fire pit along with some campfire marshmallows and glow in the dark roasting sticks.  Of course, that part wasn't for him, it was for the kids, but other than relaxing by the fire, we needed another way to enjoy the pit, hence the reason I bought them.  
And yesterday, we went to Lowes to enhance our bottom patio a little bit.  All we did was buy new cushions, a few candy holders, two plants, two pots, and two new tiles for our "end" table.  I want to do so much more back there, but I am trying to have patience and see if we actually use it first.  In addition, I am not a fool to how gorgeous the furniture looks in the stores and how quickly the weather destroys it.  So... it's a bitter-sweet decision. #chevron #citronellacandles #glowinthedarkroastingsticks #firepit #cozy #ournightlife #funtimes 
Last night, we decided to try out the pit.  It was a perfect night.  The rain showers ended.  It wasn't hot.  No humidity. Limited bugs. We invited Jake over to join us.
While we tried to start the fire, the kids played on the trampoline and played fetch with Sadie.  
We are new to this.  Not quite outdoorsy people, so starting the fire didn't come as easy to us as it probably does for so many. I'm thankful that my husband is a determined individual because I think after 15 minutes of trying I would have given up.  
Eventually, we chose to use our little helper...gasoline. We were trying to stray from using that because it is so dangerous, but it really did help ignite the fire.
Next up... time for smores! I bought all of the necessities that I felt would help create a fantastic scores. I had NEVER had a smores before and quite honestly was just going to let the kids enjoy them. I was going to live vicariously through them, but then so many of my friends on instagram said it was a crime that I had never had one and that I should indulge just this once. I really wanted ice cream.  Haha.  #icecreamtrumpseverything
A roasting we will go!  The fire looks weak, but it wasn't.  I was having a hard time capturing it on camera.
YUM! Now, although I really dislike marshmallows, ewe, I do enjoy a burnt one.  
I'm thankful that marshmallows are in the recipe for smores because this guy despises chocolate.  Now THAT'S a crime.  Haha.
Even Darren ate a roasted marshmallow.  However, he chose to refrain from making a smore.  #selfcontrolled.
There's the fire!!!! After we were done roasting roasting marshmallows  and pigging out on smores, Darren pulled up our new patio chairs and we sat by the fire to relax.  Meanwhile,  the kids caught fireflies.
I, personally, was not thrilled about wasting so many calories on this after dinner snack.  I don't see what the hype is all about. The kids REALLLLLY enjoyed it though and that's all that matters. Plus... we are making memories! Right?!!?!!

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