Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baseball 2015

This baseball season has been B-U-S-Y and sadly the boys' games have been, MORE often than NOT, scheduled at the SAME time aka doublebooked.  It's been hard figuring out who's game to go to and by the time I do arrive to the game, I am so frazzled that I don't even bother taking my camera out.  Here are some of the photos that I have captured, in between keeping up with Lilah, holding on to Sadie, (who has come to every single game so far) and watching the boys play.
Ty has been given the position of pitcher, catcher, and short stop!
Dug out!
Daddy's girl!
Jax has been given the position of pitcher and first base! He really has impressed me this year.  Baseball is his sport for sure.
I thought Jax was playing in the dirt, which seems to be the t-ball players first favorite thing to do, but Darren reassured me that JAX doesn't play in the dirt.  Unlike the player behind him, Jax was just wiping off the mound before "pitching".
I am always so happy and proud to watch my boys playball.  These kids are also so blessed to have their father right by their side, cheering/coaching them along.

I just posted the photos of my children playing baseball, but from time to time I enjoy capturing photos of individual teammates.  To see ALL of the photos I have captured to date, please double click on the picasa web album below! Enjoy!