Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday Fort Lewis Elementary School!

The fourth and fifth graders at Fort Lewis Elementary School, performed for their peers and parents, in honor of their school's 80th birthday. The 4th graders performed three songs by both singing and playing their recorder, in between the 5th graders dancing!
The fifth graders learned certain old fashioned dances, such as the salsa and rumba. Jake, above and below, is one of our neighborhood friends.  He's a fifth grader. We enjoyed watching him dance with one of his classmates.  It was so adorable and innocent to witness.  

Ty had a "solo" part or a speaking part!
Tyler Johnson (below) is one of Ty's teammates from football!
The first song the fourth graders sang was "Time For Hannukah". Obviously, we do not observe Hannukah, this is the hard part about sending your children to public school when you are a Christian. The fourth graders also performed to "Sing Noel" and "Feliz Navidad". Some of the video footage was taken with my iPhone and some of the video footage was taken with my camera. The iPhone footage is horrible, so I apologize for the poor, grainy videos. Ty is on the back row, fourth one in from the left.