Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Candy Cane Song

I have so much to blog about, as you can see from the past few days.  It seems like it's endless amounts of posts.  I am trying to post at least 2 posts a day until I am caught up, but with the kids home, the photos are piling up that much faster. It's irking me that these posts arrive out of chronological order, but at least they are getting done.
This post shows the children of West Salem Baptist Church singing the "Candy Cane" song.  A few days prior to this, our church went to a local nursing home and sang this song and others, in front of the residents.  The children sang the Candy Cane song on their own. They did such a fantastic job that Pastor Nick asked them to sing it again, in front of the congregation, on Sunday, before the service.
This song is about the candy cane and how it is a representation of what Jesus has done for us.  The lyrics are below, but my iPhone's storage was full  (only 8 months old) and it only recorded 17 seconds of this song.  Ugh! AND the photos are terrible. I am not giving any credit to APPLE iPhone photography today.
Every time I see a candy cane hanging on a tree
I can't help thinking of the one who gave his life for me

Everything about a candy cane from its color to its shape
reminds me of my Saviors love- that's why I celebrate 

A candy cane of red and white
Could just be my favorite sight
Those stripes remind me Jesus paid the price.

Like a shepherd he'll protect me 
from the harmful things of life
Through my journeys he'll be walking by my side

A candy cane can taste so sweet
its my favorite Christmas treat 
And I can taste the kindness of our Lord

He has offering to forgive me 
And to wash me white as snow
I'm his child now and I want the world to know

Next time you see a candy cane hanging on a tree
Stop long enough to ask yourself if a treat is all you see

'Cause everything about a candy cane from its color to its shape
reminds me of my Saviors love- that's why I celebrate.


  1. Good evening. I was wondering if you could please tell me where I can find the music to this song. My sister and I sang this song as children 20 years ago. It's forever been in our minds. I would love to let the Sunday school leader hear the song to hopefully add in to our Christmas musical.

  2. I am also looking for the music for this song if you have any idea where I may find it. Thanks

    1. I am happy to share it with you. I need contact information for you. ;)

  3. Can you please share where I can find the music to this song?

    1. If you email me, I can send them to you!!


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