Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two-Hand Touch Football

The guys and gals look forward to this every year.  Our hubbies play two-hand touch football and the wives relax and chat. Thank you Fernandez family for another eventful moment of flag football. 
Ty was able to join in this year.
Kate: "Hey Lilah, do you want to do some headstands over there?"
Lilah: "Sure!"
Cohen: "Hey, I wanna do that!"
The girls: "Okay! We can help!"
Cohen: "I want a kiss. Get over here!"
After the BIG boys played, they allowed the kids to have their own game of football.
Then Aaron implemented races.
And then "Mr. Aaron" took them all on a fun, group tractor ride!
How many children does it take to slow a tractor down?
Enjoy ALL of the photos captured that day, by double clicking on the Picasa Web album below.