Sunday, November 2, 2014

Layman Farms Pumpkin Patch _ 2014

For the last 3 years, our small group has been going to the pumpkin patch together.  It's such a nice "family" tradition that we have created.  I fully believe that the adults look forward to it just as much as the children do.  This year we added a few extra kiddos to our outing. I was happy for Ty to have some older friends to tag along with. Cami and Gabe are like my 4th and 5th child.  LOL!
Are you as amazed, as I am, about how cute and attentive the children are during this photo?  I'll let you in on a little secret... they were bribed. Leave it to Aaron to always have a bag of candy in his hands.  See them all begging.  LOL!
One of the best parts about Layman's Pumpkin Patch is the "Jumping Pillow". It's bigger than most houses and is the greatest outdoor activity at the farm, for any trampoline-lover. Darren and I looked into putting one in our backyard, but the starting price was around $15k and as high as $25k. Never mind.  
This little pumpkin wasn't here last year, but we sure are glad she's a part of crew this year!
What good is a farm without farm animals? Layman's has chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, and cows. Jax looks a little hesitant to pet this goat, but it was all his doing!  This particular goat had really beautiful blue eyes.  
The kids loved peeling old, dried up corn, and feeding it to the cows.
Another FUN thing that the kids LOVE doing at Layman's is the corn cannon.  What little boy doesn't enjoy shooting things out of a cannon? Even the little girls enjoyed this.
Any time a "boy" finds a ball, it MUST be used, in some form or fashion, to create some fun! 
The Cow Train - This used to be one of the kids' favorites as well, but this year I had to beg Jax and Ty had to ride it. Jax refused.  AND Ty ONLY PROBABLY only rode it because Cami did it.  LOL! It's so sad to think they feel too cool or too old to do something they just did last year.
How did Jax occupy his time while his friends rode the cow train? Jax just enjoyed a relaxing seat, on a tall barrel of hay, with his B.F.F., while everyone else rode the train.  I'd love to be a fly on the barrel of hay, so I could see what they are deep in though about.
 The Tunnel Slide - On the way down, Ty screamed like a girl, on purpose, and everyone behind him laughed so hard.  #mrcomedian I think I am going to try this slide next year. It creates a ton of laughter and smiles.
I love Cami's innocence and ability to humble herself, fitting in with the younger ones, unlike most other 11-12 year olds.
Believe it people, my husband was spotted at the "Fry Shack".  LOL!  He and I were starving, so we split a tater ribbon.
They are literally made with a drill.
Totally scrumptious, but Darren thought they were way too salty, so he barely ate any of it. That's okay, that just meant more for me.
 Darren and I treated the kids to lunch and then Gabe and Cami to some fried cookie dough.
After eating, we allowed the kids to do the corn maze.  They did it two times.  Once with Darren and I: boys against the girls. The BOYS WON! AND once just kids.  We were hoping they would get lost in there for hours and Darren and I could have a kid-free date.  LOL! It didn't happen.  It's okay to dream. 
Photo Opportunities
We had a really nice time.  The weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T.  We are very thankful for our close "family"/friends at West Salem, to do life with. Life just wouldn't feel the same without them. I posted many of my favorite photos from that day, but there are over 200 more. Feel free to live out our day, vicariously, by viewing the other photos below.  Double click on the Picasa Web album to do so.