Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween 2014

I cannot believe I am STILL posting about Halloween snacks, costumes, and parties.  LOL!  It was a very eventful October to say the least. On Halloween morning, I surprised the kids with some fun Halloween gifts. Each of them received a Halloween t-shirt to wear to school, glow sticks, a light up mouth piece, and a few other items.  
Even Darren got a little treat!!! I wasn't sure what this seasonal beer would taste like, but I had to get it for Darren after spotting the fun box it came in.  "Jack-o" pumpkin beer.  
Before going to bed, Darren said, "You're so hot!", haha. So, that's why I said what I said on the note that I left him.
Halloween night, I invited some of the kids' friends over.  My kids are VERY fast paced when they go trick or treating, so this year, I was excited to have some older kids to join them. Kayla cooked chicken chili and cornbread for the adults.  I ordered pizza for the kids.  I set up a "kids" table in the garage, so that there was enough seating for everyone.  
Each kid had their own set of drinks, an "orange scream" drinkable yogurt, and a pumpkin cutie!!!
There they are... pigging out!
We made sure to take some pictures before heading out.  The Stricklands were Ninja Turtles.  
The Schoonover girls were rocked out!!!
Ansley, as a scarecrow!! I love her make-up.
Cami as a Starbucks Latte! It was so realistic I was afraid someone might try and take a sip of her.  Hehe.
ALL 3 of my children were supposed to be shadows, but Jax, at the last second, wanted to be a race car driver.  So below, are my two DARK shadows: Lilah and Tyson.
I think Lilah looked INCREDIBLE!!!! 
Even as a shadow, SHE HAD to wear a BOW!
To produce this look, just buy a BLACK skin suit and have your children dress in ALL black clothing/accessories.  
Gabe was an ape!
Our little race car driver aka Zach Harris.
Darren dressed up as Walter White, from the show, Breaking Bad.  We just bought a top hat, used some costume glasses from our Napoleon Dynamite costume kit, and used some blue crystal sprinkles in a clear baggie, for the crystal meth! 
Darren printed out two signs, for our trick or treaters, who would visit our home for candy, in our absence!!! Here's the two signs he chose.
I wonder if they were honest!
Halloween night was brutally cold accompanied by freezing rain.  It sure didn't STOP the kids from running door to door to collect candy!
The freezing cold weather made capturing the kids, running from door to door, impossible though because I was freezing and I didn't want my camera to get wet.
Brett brought his golf cart to safely transport baby Aliza and keep her warm!
We didn't trick or treat long.  Maybe ONE hour.  Everyone came back to our home to change into warm clothes and just enjoy each other's company.
The next day, I laid out all of the candy that the kids collected.  CHECK OUT the abundance of candy!  It stretched across our entire 4'x3' kitchen table!
We allow the kids to fill ONE freezer bag of candy, to keep, EACH.  The rest, we donated or SOLD to our local dentist for MONEY and prizes.  
Filling up their freezer bag!
Enjoy our little flipagram video below!!!