Sunday, October 12, 2014

Exciting News About Me!!!!

It's very rare I blog about myself. I definitely share some home project ideas, organization tips, delicious recipes and crafts, but rarely do you hear me talking about something going on in my personal life, unless it relates to a family vacation.  

I was recently contacted by an instructor, at the family YMCA, Sandy Hart.  She had recalled a conversation that we had about some of my future goals.  She asked if I was still interested in becoming a fitness instructor.  I definitely was, but I had no idea that the push of another instructor would get me there even sooner than I had envisioned.  

The next day, I passed the YMCA's director, Nancy Greene.  She asked if I had a few minutes to chat in her office.  I was certainly willing to explore what being an instructor would require of me and what the process would be.  I wound up having the actual interview that day.  LOL!  I left the interview with instructions, by Nancy, to come up with a routine.  The next step would be to audition in front of her.  
I spent about two weeks designing my routine (not day in and day out, just during my spare time). I enjoyed learning the moves and making it my own. The hard part was giving "my clients" enough warning to transition to the next exercise, remembering to breath, and engaging "my clients" with conversation.  My routine was tough.  I'm not going to lie.  I was worried about whether or not I would be able to push through the entire routine without fail.  

Days leading up to my audition, I treated myself to an audition outfit or T-H-R-E-E.  Eeeek!  Come on, every instructor needs to look IN STYLE!!!!
This is the outfit I chose to wear for my audition.
Here was the playlist for my routine.  It was a 5 minute warm up, 10 minutes of PURE CARDIO (non stop exercising), and a 5 minute cool down.
My audition was last Tuesday!!! I had many prayer warriors praying for me.  And of course, I prayed too!! I felt the Lord's presence during the ENTIRE audition.  I walked right in and within 5-7 minutes began. I taught the class to the director only. Haha.  Being Nancy was rooting for my success, she made me feel confident rather than intimidated.  I felt so comfortable and energetic. I even wore the microphone, giving me the FULL experience.  It was a ton of fun.  The Lord was faithful to maintain my endurance, help me remember my entire 20 minute routine, and he removed all of my anxiety.  Afterwards, Nancy said, "You did excellent and I wouldn't just tell everyone that!"
Above: These photos are taken from video clips, from a video recording of this audition.  I brought a tripod and recorded the entire routine so I could see how I did.  I rewatched it several times to see what I did well and what I need improvement on. Will I be sharing that video with you all? PROBABLY not...haha.  That's like a photographer showing you all of her unedited photos. You'll just have to come take my class, once I get certified, and let me kick your butt. LOL!  

I was told to fill out an application, so I did.  
Now, I wait to get CPR certified in November and certified to be a fitness instructor in December.  I am really excited to see how the Lord uses me and this job hobby to minister to others.
Above:  (Top left, to right, to bottom) Sister, Brother, Sister, Mother.  My sister Whitney is a Yoga Instructor, in Florida.  My brother was a competitive body builder and personal trainer, but now competes in Jui Jitsu and is an FBI Agent, Richmond.  My sister Ashley is a Piloxing Instructor, in Pennsylvania.  My mother was one of the FIRST to be on stage with Richard Simmons and taught aerobics for decades in Florida. They are my motivation for success.  :)