Monday, October 13, 2014

Celebrating My 100,000 Viewer/"Hit"

TODAY, we celebrate our 100,000 viewer/"hit" on our family blog!  How do I know?  I've told you this before...I'm watching you watch me!!!! Blogger offers any blogger the ability to view their stats, audience, and so much more.  I don't view it daily or even weekly, but definitely monthly.  It's exciting to see who's reading my blog and which posts are the MOST popular.  This is a super exciting milestone for any blogger, in my opinion. Thank you everyone for your continued visits to our blog.  I trust you are enjoying what I write about and somehow our blog is acting as an encouragement to your day.  If you aren't "following" our blog officially, please do so by clicking on the link, to the right of this post, and FOLLOW us become a member!!!!!!  If you do NOT have a blog of your own, I cannot stress enough how much fun and how easy blogging is, not to mention what a great digital scrapbook it makes for ANYONE, with or without children!!!!!!!
And I know I have some "haters" or stalkers that are following me to simply "hate", spy, snoop, or what-have-you and are thinking "Yea 99,990 of those views/hits are probably HER visiting her own blog."  HA! Well, I'm way ahead of you.  I have it set up where my own visits, to our family blog, are NOT tracked, in the statistics of our blog viewers.  What do you have to say now? LOL!!!! #rejoicewithothers

I love my blog readers/viewers and I appreciate knowing you use our blog as a resource!!!!! I'd like to take this time to thank several of my "fans" that I know read daily...

Lisa Dolloph
Ashely Harris
Lauren Boswell
Heather Sue Smith
Holly Wilson
Amanda Crisafi
Debbie Nichols
Tabitha Woodard

If I didn't mention you and you are a daily reader, please TELL me.  I'd love to add you to this post.  

Happy Reading!!!! #abloggersthrill