Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ugandan Style!

Our church does missions work in Uganda (Africa). We have been blessed with gaining brothers and sisters in Christ half way across the world. Pastor Gordon, his wife Esther, and all of the children that our church supports, in Uganda, are very near and dear to our hearts.  We pray for them daily. We continue to learn their names and develop relationships with all of those who worship Jesus Christ. A few months ago, Darren and I offered to fly Pastor Gordon to Roanoke, but his visa was denied. Although this was such disappointing news to us, we know that that was God's will.  We are anxious to meet these brothers and sisters in Christ, in person, and trust the Holy Spirit will guide us as to whether or not we will ONE day have the privilege of going to Uganda or if they will come here, to Salem.  In the meantime, I feel like a piece of them is already with us. Trevor, from Church, is actually dating Jane, who lives in Uganda.  He returned from Uganda with some gorgeous handmade jewelry. I have decided to purchase all of the jewelry from him and sell it for Jane.  20% of the proceeds go to the Uganda Children's Ministry and the remaining "profits" go to Jane's hardwork. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing any of this beautiful talent.   
Our children and I modeled these amazing fashion accessories, today, in hopes of showing off their true beauty.  Some of the earrings I had to insert into Lilah's ears backwards, in order to get it to photograph properly.  Lilah also had to be the camera lady at some points, so a few photographs are not on par with the way I would have liked to capture each piece.  LOL!  Either way, I think you will notice how talented Jane is and how incredibly cheap these pieces are compared to the junk jewelry sold in our local stores. I have included several of my favorite photographs below, but please view the ENTIRE photo album for more photographs, as well as, the prices per item.  Please support/help the children's ministry in Uganda as well as Jane, a single mother of two, beautiful, little girls.  
Above: Zipper Pouches (Small, Medium, & Large)
Below: Handmade Children's Dresses
3-Strands Beaded Bracelets.  
Colorful, Beaded Necklaces.
Goldish Colored Bracelets.
More Beaded Necklaces.
Large Zipper Pouches.
Below: 3-Ringed Beaded Bracelets & Handmade Dress for Mommy
Each Zipper Pouch is lined with black lining.
4-Ringed, Beaded Bracelets.
4-Ringed Wired Beaded Bracelets.  
Just gorgeous!