Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm Busting To Share!

I will TRY to refrain from the "you earned it" bragatory post, but I am busting to share some exciting news. After the kids hopped onto the bus, this morning, I was checking my email, from my phone. I received an email from a non-recognizable "sender".  I began reading it allowed, NOT KNOWING what it was, and to my greatest surprise it was an email from an editor, at a parenting site, of a 10-million viewer, website.  That's right, 10 MILLION VIEWERS people.  "Judy" (her first name), works for  She was writing to ask permission to feature one of MY olders blog posts, on the above website.  I was ecstatic. We have been emailing each other back and forth today because she needed original jpeg files, of the photos, I included in the post she is going to be featuring.  Originally it was one photo/one post, but she expressed an interest in multiple photos/multiple posts. I don't want to go into any details, just incase this doesn't happen, but here's what I will share...

What do I get in return for be willing to allow her to use my post on her website?  FREE ADVERTISEMENT for my blog.  She writes:

"If you are open to that, here's how it would work...[I would share] what makes your ideas/tips so unique/great, plus one photo from your site... Then I'd link back to your site where our 10 million unique visitors can read more.  We will also spread the word about your blog through Twitter and other channels and hope you will do the same.  In my mind, it's a win win for both of us!"

YOU BET IT IS!!!! Some may think this would ONLY be exciting if a monetary value was attached, but to ME, that is the farthest thing from my mind. This ONE feature may be IT or this one feature may lead to a long term hobby turned career. Only God knows, but I am going to cherish, appreciate, and sleep on cloud 9 tonight at this ONE opportunity to share my ideas and get recognized for my attention to details.

Secretly, as I have continued blogging and enhanced the look of my blog through photographs and a new home page, I have been aiming for this "hobby turned career" mindset.  I have been more and more inspired to share my ideas and the details of those ideas with others. I have also been using pinterest as a means to get my ideas out there, aka advertise my blog. Man O' Day has it helped tremendously.  To date, my top three posts are:

Jax's Spiderman Room with over 4,000 views on blogger and over 6,000 repins on pinterest.  

The Cat In The Hat's Party Food with over 3,500 views on blogger 

Minute It To Win It "Rapid Fire Challenge" with over 3,000 views on blogger.

None of the above posts are what Judy has inquired about. Be on the look out for what she was interested in AFTER she posts it on her site!!!! The cool thing about TheStir is that it's not geared towards any specific audience and really, either is my blog. There are MANY topics on my blog that people of all stages of life can enjoy!!!!

God, I praise you for the talents you have implanted in me.  I love who you made me and if it is your will, I look forward to anything in the FUTURE that may come of this.  I vow to use it to glorify your name.  Any successes I have come straight from the workings of your hands.