Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall School Photos

Yesterday was Fall picture day, at Fort Lewis Elementary!!!  Darren and I have our mornings down to a literally science. It's truly just the way Darren and I operate.... ALWAYS.  Sometimes it's so beneficial to the flow of day and sometimes it's so annoying, it gets on my nerves.  LOL!  You could pick any given time/point in our day, ask us what we do at that time, and we could tell you.  So... adding "picture day" to our morning agenda put a definite KINK in our morning routine.  The night before, Darren even said, "We probably need to get everyone up 15 minutes earlier."  He was right, but it didn't happen.  We get up at 4:30 am, so anything earlier than that is tougher than tough.
After the morning craz, I had less tan 40 seconds to snap just a few photos before the bus arrived. It was all I could do to get these 5 shots, but I think they turned out fairly cute.  Darren wound up having to run our Liley Bo to the bus. Her book bag is so heavy, she just couldn't keep up with the boys.  I wish I would have captured that on camera because it was adorable to witness.
Let's hope the photographer captured some great shots.  We bought (3) digital jpeg cds of all of the images, then we will print the photos, sizes, and quantities we want. When it was just Ty in public school, buying the cd was considered affordable to me, but $28.00 x 3 kids = $84.00... OUCH!  Don't worry, everyone and their brother will be getting a picture at that price. Haha.
I wish I wasn't so caught up on having a school photo for the "memory book" because these photos came out cute enough...I could have saved the $84 and just printed these.  LOL!  Darren actually was the driving force to get me to buy the cds.  I'll be thankful in the end.

We are definitely blessed to have the gorgeous children.  They truly are an undeserved gift from God. I know God gave me three children to help sanctify me, in Him. The days are long, but the weeks are short, and life is just flying by. I know one day, I will miss ALL OF THIS CHAOS and I'll be wishing I could bring it all back.  You never appreciate what you've got until it's gone!