Sunday, August 31, 2014

Virginia Tech Vs. William & Mary

Darren, myself, and the boys were able to enjoy the FIRST Virginia Tech game of the season, together.  Lilah stayed behind and played with Ansley. Her Diva self didn't wish to endure the heat. Lol!  Here we are all dressed up in our Hokie gear and ready to cheer our team on.
These boys were SOOOOO excited to watch their favorite college football team in action.
Jax had the spiffiest Hokie shoes in the entire stadium.  People were stopping him and complimenting him on his shoes, no lie, ask Darren if you don't believe me. I bought those shoes at Short Pump on our way back from Busch Gardens, a few weeks ago.
Goofing off by taking some family selfies!
 I LOVE this photo. My three guys!
 William and Mary: player down.
 Broken leg. He's removed from the field.
 The dancers.
 The Cadets.
 The Hokie Bird.
 I was able to capture the second to the last touch down. So cool!
We were filmed and made it to the big screen.  Ty was so excited.
Can you spot Ty on the big screen?  I took a picture with my cell phone, but it didn't capture it well.
Ty  met up with Joey, a classmate that moved to Pennsylvania last December.  They were happy to see each other.
We are so thankful to have season tickets. It was nice to take the boys to the game without our princess. It was a really HOT day, but that is certainly better than a rainy or cold day! AND our team WON, so you can't really ask for a better outcome. Final score 34 to 9. Go Hokies!