Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Cheese!

When the Summer began and even LONG before the 2013-2014 school year ended, I began speaking to the twins about riding the bus.  I offered to take the kids to school, but my kids wanted to take the school bus. They insisted actually. Well... the truth be told, NOW that school has been going on for 1 week, the novelty has worn off to Lilah, but truly, they begged and begged to ride it initially.  So... we gave them their wishes. 

Enjoy some pictures from their bus experience the first day of school!
 Up they go...
 Looking back, I cannot believe how brave my twinsies were. It does seem like a very scary thing to do for someone so little.
 We love our bus driver Ms. Robyn.  She has been Ty's bus driver since Kindergarten.
 Off they go... 
Above: See Lilah's big bun silhouette?
Below: See Jax's silhouette?
On their way to school!
The bus arrived WAAAY too early compared to the designated pick up time, so almost everyone parent/child combo was running to the bus stop. I think every parent failed to hug and kiss their children goodbye too!  I fixed that problem by following the bus to school.  LOL! I'm not kidding.  I beat the bus to school, EVEN THOUGH I drove right past the school (I was so tired and in such a daze about what was going on!).
 My big kids getting off the bus.  
 I was so proud of them. 
Man they look soooooo BIG!
 Liley spotted me, gave me a big hug and kiss, and off they went to Kindergarten.
I am NOT sure what made me more sad, the twins acting so BIG or this BIG boy (above and below).  Gosh... he's growing up so fast!
Every year, I have captured Tyson, getting off of the bus, on the first and last day of school. I definitely plan to keep up with that tradition, especially with ALL of the kids in school now.  See the video below!
Photo (The Bus Arriving Home)
When Liley got off of the bus, she said, "I missed you so much mommy! I felt like that day would never end, it was soooooo long!"  LOL! Awe. Poor girl.

Finally, I was able to sneak ON the bus, on the third day of school, and capture a photo of where on the bus the kids actually sit.