Monday, August 11, 2014

Helicopter Romance

Last year, when Darren and I went on our trip to Myrtle Beach alone, we drove into the Helicopter Adventures' parking lot and drove away. We considered it, but we had thoughts of a joy ride, on a helicopter gone bad, aka a crash landing, caused us to change our minds.  We just couldn't see ourselves leaving our children parentless for the sake of riding a helicopter.  LOL! Yes, morbid sounding I know, but I'm just being real.

During this trip, we did have a list to of things that we desired to accomplish, and doing something adventurous and different was on that list.  SO... we just decided to take that romantic helicopter ride, that we attempted to take exactly one year ago, after all.
The company's name is Helicopter Adventures.  It's located right near Myrtle Waves. They have several tour packages that they offer, but due to the weather, they were only permitting the $20 and $40 rides.  They do lure you in with BIG billboards and airplane's flying advertisements for $20 helicopter rides, but what they don't tell you is that that particular ride is literally like going UP and DOWN immediately.  Darren and I chose the $40 helicopter tour ride.  

The $40 ride was a happy medium adventure which consisted of  a 7-8 mile flight, that is 4 times the distance, compared to the FunRide - for less than double the price! 

We had a "driver" safely transport us to the helicopter, which was already running.  I had a horrific recollection of the model, Lauren Scruggs, who was hit in the face by an airplane's propellor back into 2011. I'd have to say being near the helicopter's blades was scarier to me than actually being in the air.  I am glad our driver was properly trained to get us into the helicopter safely.
I was hoping to ride the white helicopter and I got my wish
When we first got into the helicopter, wee were instructed, by the pilot, to buckle up and put on our headsets.  Those were used to communicate to the pilot during our flight.
This headset made me feel important.  LOL!
We were safely buckled and on the helicopter, so now it was time to ascend into the air.  
Our flight began by flying over Broadway at the Beach, from where we then continued on to the ocean, to get a view of the sandy beaches and schools of fish. 
It was fantastic getting to see the sunset, which was ANOTHER item on our list, from HIGH up in the sky.  We did NOT plan this to happen this way, but I am perfectly content that it did!
We eventually turned inland at the Skywheel and continued on until we were over Ripken Baseball Field and finally returning to the heli-pads!
The below photo is is just another one of the helicopters that is used to give others a tour.
I definitely am glad we were able to experience this thrill together.  It was either this or rent a moped and I think the helicopter was a much more romantic choice, although I cannot deny that the moped would have made room for a TON of laughter.

Enjoy a few of the video clips, below, of our "Helicopter Adventure".
Our pilot was amazing.  He was very detailed about everything we flew over and it made our experience, on the copter, much more enjoyable. Our time on the helicopter was nearing towards the end... below is the video footage of us descending.