Saturday, August 23, 2014

Final Outing With Crisafi Girls - An End Of The Week Reward

I STILL have photos from our visit with the Crisafi girls, my sisters, and my children's "cousins".  On the final day that we had the girls, we took them to Chuck E. Cheese.  It was a PLANNED event based on their week's behavior.  There was two days in a row where I told them we were definitely NOT going to be able to go, because there was just too much arguing, and I was serious, but they recovered.... Salene and Saleece, but especially Saleece, was BEGGING to go.  When we left Chuck E. Cheese that day, she exclaimed, "Kristin! Can you tell mommy and daddy where this place is so that they can take me back here when they come to pick me up?"  LOL! 

Photos at Chuck E. Cheese NEVER turn out great.  The lighting and the extra people in the background work against the photographer, but enjoy what I was able to capture.
 Love seeing these smiles.
 Saleece was such a smooth horse rider, that Lilah fell asleep! Ahahahahaha!
My cute, tomboy, sister, playing basketball!
I was thankful Darren was able to join us.
Check out Salene's cheating skills.  LOL!
"I won a ticket!"
This my kids favorite game.  They love to play it because they feel like they are actually driving.
Loved how Leeice had to sit on the edge of her seat to reach the pedals.  
 The girls rocking out!!!!
I was glad I was able to fulfill my promise to them.  Chuck E. Cheese is always fun to the kids, but after I left there, I felt like I needed to go have a beer.  LOL!