Friday, August 22, 2014


Tonight, August 21st, Ft. Lewis Elementary School had their "Back-To-School-Night!" The Kindergartners were asked to arrive at 5:00 p.m, while the rest of the grades arrived at 5:30 pm. The parents remained in the gymnasium, as the principal and guidance counselor spoke AND the soon-to-be Kindergartners were given their first task of lining up, with their assigned teacher, to follow her outside, taking BOTH a tour of the school bus, as well as receiving an actual bus ride. The rules of the bus were also explained.  I wish I would have excused myself to take some photos, but I was afraid of missing something inside.  LOL! Below: Lilah and Jax walk happily away, from mommy and daddy, holding hands, as they head to the bus.
After their bus trip, the kids went directly to their classrooms, again without mommy and daddy.  I did see one little girl shed tears.  I felt awful for her and truly was thankful that Lilah and Jax could experience this endeavor together.
When the parents were dismissed, we were able to meet back up with our children, which by the way, were sitting so nicely in their assigned seats.  They were released to find their cubbies and start unpacking/unloading/storing all of their school supplies. I relinquished control and let them do it their way. I need them to know that being independent is important, after all, mommy can't be with them, holding their hands, for the rest of their lives.
 Both Lilah and Jax did a great job!
 No tears and no complaints.
Ms. Dixon did put the twins' cubbies next to each other. I asked her to please separate them immediately if any disciplinary issues occur. 
Lilah will be sitting with these children (below) at her table/desk.
Tada! Look at what a great job they did without mommy's help. I can't wait to post about their book bags and lunch boxes. Don't look too closely or that post will seem like a repeat.
The kids and I labeled every single item, with my labeler, while doing so Jax exclaimed, "I'm really excited about school mommy!" 
The names below are who Jax will be sitting with daily, at his table/desk.
Here is my babies' daily agenda.
There are 21 students in their classroom.  Lilah and Jax are the ONLY twins.
Ms. Dixon has stolen both L&J's heart, as well as mine.  First impression - INCREDIBLE teacher.  PERFECT personality for this age range: bubbly, lovable, cuddly, sweet, kind, compassionate, and fun! All of the parents I've spoken to, who's children have had her, had nothing but RAVE reviews.  The extra perk: she's a Christian!!!!!!!!!!
"Come on Lilah, let's get the heck out of here!" LOL! Don't they already look like such pros?
Next up, Ty's classroom!!!  This classroom is a definite step-up from the last few years.  It looks like the real deal!
Ty wasted NO time unloading his school supplies.  He knows the drill, so he didn't really have to wait for instruction.
 While Lilah just sat back and relaxed.  She's made herself quite "at home" already!
Here's my 1st born's intense, daily agenda.
Tyson's class consists of 20 students.  Ty said 2 of which are new to the school!
YES! I am the NERDY mom who captures it all on camera.  For now, my rule is, I get to take photos until middle school.  I doubt I will stick to that.  LOL! Below is Mrs. Rottkamp, also our back door neighbor, and teacher in charge of SCA (remember, Ty is Vice President). My overall, first impression of Mrs. Rottkamp: Organized, serious passionate about her job and loves it, honest, interactive, and a great communicator although quiet.  I wonder if my first impression is correct. 
We learned tonight that the ENTIRE school, grades K-5, has been granted a field trip to Washington, D.C. FOR FREE!!!!!!!!! This is INSANE and CRAZY to me.  I wonder what this will look like and I bet I will be going too!!!

In addition, we learned that the Roanoke County School Board has made a new Home Work policy. Homework has to be kept to a maximum of 1 hour. YAHOOOO!!!! I, of course, will have 3 hours of homework regardless of any new policy, haha... for ME and from here on out, it will be everything x 3. See the photo below? That's 16 pages of paperwork that I have to have filled in and returned by MONDAY x 3. EWE!!!!!!!! I was just given 3 hours of weekend homework.
It was a successful night, that ended with Mexican food, at Alejandro's, and a late bedtime.