Thursday, August 21, 2014

End Of The Summer Playdate

The Carroll family was so kind and braved having our 14+ kids over, from our small group, for a playdate.  This Summer has been quite different from years past.  Typically, we would have at least 2-3 playdates, amongst all of us, PER WEEK, but this Summer we were lucky if we met ONCE a week, if at all.  

Erin has since taken over the Children's Ministry at our church, so she has a job and only has off on Mondays and Fridays. The weather has been very cold and rainy, so that has eliminated our Monday pool dates. Jody has recently adopted a newborn baby.  The Harris', well, they have a very routined day.  Home by 11:30 am and down by 12:30 pm.  LOL!  Factor in vacations, sick time, and our time spent at the gym and it just seemed next to impossible to get together.  This is sad because it's a sign that our children are growing up.  

I captured a few sweet moments during this playdate.  These photos are definite keepers and I know 10 years from now, I will be so glad I took them.
Vivian eats lunch with two crazy and handsome boys!
Goofy faces from the boys while Vivian's smile remains the same!
Ansley with her baby sister Aliza.
Two pretty girls cuddle up for a photo op!
Mason passes out cookies to everyone!
Lilah and Kate enjoying the swing.
Evidence that children mimic their parents...
Their car "broke down"... don't you see Zach Harris and Dennis Maggi in this photo? The purple jeep wrangler's battery really did die and they were trying to fix it, FOR REAL! Smart boys.
And Ashely Presley talking on her phone?  "Yea, like it just stopped working?  Do you think you could come bring me a new battery Zach?"
Aaron Hank sliding down the slide with pizza all over his face.
Jax and "Co" enjoying the swing.
Julia has a really cool "doll house" or "club house".  The kids had fun playing in it together.  Sometimes there were real life arguments taking place or little one's locking the big ones in there.  LOL! No lie!
Aaron Hank in his speedo diaper.  Again, "like Father, like Son!
The girls just talking away.  Vivian was using that ax to try and chop down a tree in Erin's backyard.
The children have known each other their entire lives. It is an incredible gift from God and they may never realize the true beauty of that gift, but as parents, WE do! Thank you again Erin for inviting us all over.