Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dress-Up, Hair-dos, Make-Up Applying, and Dancing!

I cannot believe after all of the posts I have done about our visit with the Crisafi girls, I STILL have more.  Obviously, I have NOT posted our adventures, with them, in chronological order, and that KILLS me, but you MUST watch these adorable videos below and view the photos off all of the girls dressing up, hair-dos, and make-up applying. It's what girls do, right?
FIRST, they laid out a blanket and then they "set up shop".  Carlene was so impressed when I sent her this photo, she thought I did it.
Excuse the hideous photo quality.  I cannot stand when I have to use iPhone photos.  They are always so grainy and poor image quality.
The videos are of the girls practicing their dance routine.  It was early on in the week, so they didn't have all of their moves perfected, but I still was fully entertained.  
The video below ended abruptly because Salene was getting a little too confident in her "gymnastics" moves and wound up injuring herself. I felt so bad for her because it sucked the joy right out of her fun!
If you missed all of my posts with our Crisafi girls visit, you can double click on the photo album below and view all of the photos that way!