Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Visit To Hollywood's Wax Museum

During our week-long getaway, alone, as a couple, to Myrtle Beach, Darren and I had a list of things we wanted to accomplish.  Here is a small list of some of our desires:

Laugh... A Lot
Ride Something, Such As A Go-Kart, Helicopter, Hang Glider, etc
Try Something Different - Rent A Moped? Haha

Watch Either The Sunset Or The Sunrise
Eat Well Pig Out
Relax In Your Arms
Walk On The Beach
Go For A Run Together
Catch Up On "Breaking Bad"
Laugh Some More

One night, after dinner, we went to the new Hollywood Wax Museum.  It was there that we laughed A LOT and we had many of the other guests entertained as well.  Darren couldn't take a photo without being funny and eventually I conformed.  

There are 3 attractions you can enjoy: the wax figurines, a mirror maze, and a zombie outbreak horror "show".  Darren and I bought tickets to view the figurines as well as the horror show.  

I am so glad that we did NOT take the kids to this museum.  It was great for us, as adults, but the kids wouldn't have known who half of the celebrities were and it would have been a waste of money. 
The Zombie Outbreak Horror "Show"
This thrill-a-second haunted attraction was quite creepy.  Since Darren and I were first in line, for the next "show", we had to lead the way, as we walked through a dark, "rotting basement", making a few stops along the way, not knowing if we were going to make utter victory or utter destruction. One thing that was definitely realistic and gross was the room emitted mists of water (acting as zombie spit) and nasty smells that literally smelled like a dead body or rotten urine. IF it wasn't for those extra effects, as well as a pitch dark basement maze, and person dressed up like a zombie, popping out of the walls every so often, I don't think I would have screamed.  

Cameras are NOT allowed in the attraction, but I left my cell phone's, video camera turned on, in my purse. You won't see anything, but you will be able to hear our screams.  We were with a group of people, but again, Darren and I were forced to lead the way.  Having never done it before and NOT knowing what to expect, it was a little scary. I wouldn't do it again and I wouldn't recommend it if money is tight, just because it's not really worth it.

Enjoy peaking at a FEW of the wax celebrities we got to see that night. Several of the wax figures did not look exact, but most of them did. The hair lines, finger nails, height/weight, facial hair, and even the wrinkles were so detailed and really made this experience much more realistic.
We were able to knock "Doing Something Different" and "Laugh A Lot" off of our list because of this outing, but the laughing DIDN'T STOP there.  I love my comedian hubby. I definitely would recommend touring the Wax Museum, but don't do the other two attractions if you are limited on your budget.