Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Salem Fair On The 4th Of July!

We had our Annual visit to the Salem Fair, on July 4th.  We've tried to start a tradition where we go with our small group, but this year everyone's schedules were so different, either because of vacation or illness, so this year we went with the Harris family only.  
We ate an early dinner, 3:30 pm, and arrived at the fair as soon as the doors opened, 4:00 pm.  The fun began....
The first 1.5 hours we were there, there was no lines and it was great.  The smiles began immediately.
My cuties!
The twins are still unable to ride every ride that Ty can and that sometimes makes things difficult.  Darren and Ty rode these swings together while the twins sat out.  
Hanging feet from waaaaaay up high!
Roller Coaster fun!
Lilah and daddy rode the Ferris Wheel together.
The Harris family arrived around 5:30 pm.  Jax and Cohen were as happy as can be.  This is such a funny picture.
We made them hold hands MOST of the time, to ensure we had everyone close by.
Speed Racers!
Liley rode with Caleb.
Turkey leg anyone?  Darren's tradition is to eat a $9 turkey leg.  I can't believe he bi-passes the fried oreo, over the turkey leg.... yea I can.  He's Mr. Health Nut :)
Presley Jean pigging out on Kettle Corn. YUM!
We watched a show, at the fair, and our children were asked to be a part of it.  Girls vs. Boys. It was a relay race.  The object was to use a pencil and ONE hand to pass a wiffle ball to the next person.  This had to be done 5 times.
Boys won!
The pirate ship!  I spy Darren, Jax, and Ty.  Do you?  They all agreed this was their favorite ride.
Presely and Ashely.
Lilah and Darren partnered up a lot. :)
I LOVE this shot.  Nighttime is the best and worst time to be at the fair. The lights are so beautiful, but the crowds are intense.
At 9:30 pm, we watched the fireworks show.  If you do the math, we spent 5.5 hours at the fair.  I still cannot say that we got all of our money's worth.  
Our family had a great time!!! Although a little nerve racking having so many kids and only 4 adults, it's so much more fun having another family join you. We had a ton of laughs and were grateful to make more memories with the Harris family. I posted my favorite pictures above, but there were so many other great ones taken that night.  Feel free to double click on the photo album below to view them all.