Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fair & SQUARE...

Every year we go to our Salem Fair.  The kids don't let us get away with NOT going. I'd love to share the fun we had. First there were photos of my "beach treasures", but the photos of my "fair prizes" are EVEN better.  
This lady loved her pink cowgirl hat and so did we!
This lady has a BRIGHT future behind her! The worst part about this photo... my children have to be witnesses to it.
There are two reasons, maybe 3, depending on my level of self-control, as to why I go to the fair.  
1. PEOPLE watching
2. To witness the smiles on my children's faces, from ear to ear.
3. The fair food (sometimes).
Everyone needs a bear claw "tat".

Yes, I put people watching first.  LOL!  There is something about our local fair that draws "America's Most Wanted" to it.  I also call them the "Mysterious Ones".  Anyway, I'm sold on the title of my book for my beach photos... "Beach Treasures", but I need a vote on my fair book.  Which one do you like best?
Like Father, Like Son Bandanas

Fair & Square
Fair Prizes
Fair Play
Fair Game
Playing Fair
Fair Finds
The above:  I'm not sure what's worse?  The smell of the cigarette smoke, the bag of cigarettes, or the man dressed like a woman.

Last year's winner, in my opinion, was the 7 month pregnant woman smoking a cigarette. That really happens??? Which one do you like best from this year? I think this year's winner is the lady below.  I'm just wondering if she used the mirror before stepping out of the house?
Second runner up... His & Her daisy duke shorts!
I hope you enjoyed a trip to our Salem Fair!  There's 6 days left if you want a turn to visit this freak show. I'd love to see what you find.