Sunday, July 13, 2014

Darren As "Announcer"

The GYB set up a "meeting" to ask for volunteers.  Darren was duped into being an "announcer" for a game or two.  He has an underlying passion/talent when it comes to anything to do with music and/or a microphone.  At first, he was a nervous wreck, but after receiving such amazing compliments, he began enjoying it.

If I didn't get ONE comment, I didn't get 20.  Everyone said that Darren has missed his calling.  LOL! He did such a great job he had been asked over and over to do others.  Ha! Today, he snuck out of the park, so he didn't have to announce more than one in a row.  This will teach him not to do such a good job next time. 

We now know what Darren will do when he retires.  He will either be a radio dj or a sports announcer.  If you would love to be entertained, come out tomorrow night, to watch Darren do this in person. But for now, enjoy hearing Darren announce one of the players from yesterday's game.