Sunday, July 13, 2014

All-Stars Tournament

This weekend started the beginning of the All-Stars tournament. The Glenvar minors' first game was Saturday, July 12th.  Up until the 4th inning, it was neck and neck.  Each team was only trailing by 1 run at any given time.  However, on the 4th inning, and almost 2 hours in, Ty's team was slaughtered by 10 runs and the game was O-V-E-R. Today was a different story.  The Glenvar All-Stars won 10-3.  Being this tournament is a double elimination tournament, our team is STILL standing and we will be playing tomorrow night (Monday) @ 6:00 pm.  Please come out and cheer our team on!  
Ty had an incredible game tonight.  He was able to play a lot more than he played yesterday.  He got injured.  The ball was pitched and it hit him in the elbow.  Owie!  But he also had an insanely HARD hit.  That hit was the farthest hit of the day!  I was so proud of him.  It's a great feeling watching your little guy on the field succeed.  Ty on the other hand is emotionless.  He seems indifferent to a win or a lose, to a home run or a strike out.  LOL! He's a tough one to figure out.  Regardless, we know he is totally passionate about SPORTS.
Enjoy all 107 photos below, by double clicking on the photo album, or just enjoy the few shots that I included in this post and find to be my favorite.  
A special thank you to the Belchers, the Boswells, Stephanie, and Grandad who came out to to support Ty and his team.