Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Awards Day At Fort Lewis Elementary School!

The day before school lets out, Fort Lewis has an awards ceremony. The teachers and principal give out all kinds of awards to the students who DESERVE them.  It's a bitter-sweet day because those children who deserved to be recognized, should be proud about what they are receiving, and sometimes MULTIPLE awards that they are receiving, but inevitably, many, many, many students walk out of the awards ceremony empty handed.  We are a society that has done an injustice to people who do not work, but get many hand outs.  We are also a society that thinks every child deserves a trophy, instead of just the ones who earned it.  I do NOT enjoy seeing sad faces and tears, from those students who receive nothing, but I think it should be looked at as a great encouragement for them to work that much harder the next year.  

My Ty guy received 5 awards, 2 promotions, and 2 accomplishments.  
"A" Honor Roll Certificate
 "Outstanding Attendance"
 "Fort Lewis Elementary School, Variety Show 2014"
 "Student Council Certificate"
"Certificate Of Apprecition For Top 1- in 2014 St. Jude's Math-a-thon Fundraiser"
 STRAIGHT A's For The Last 9 Weeks!
 Reading Level ABOVE Grade Level
 PROMOTED to 4th Grade and ADVANCED from SCA Council Member to VICE PRESIDENT
 ***Tyson also passed ALL of his SOLs and scored very high!***

I thought 3rd grade was going to be difficult, but from what I have been hearing, 4th grade is 10x harder.  With (3) kids in the public school system, I will certainly have my hands FULL with keeping them on track.  I hope that Lilah and Jax are just as successful as Tyson is.  He has been blessed with the ability to barely study, if at all, and still manage straight A's.  LUCKY DUCK.  I was NEVER like that.