Saturday, May 3, 2014

Orioles - Game #3

The Orioles had another game, bright and early, this morning.  They played very, very well.  They won again 8 to 2. So strange that the score was the same as Thursday night's game.  Tyson was 2nd up to bat and hit a home run!  It's so exciting when your child is on the team you are watching.  It makes it so personal.  I love watching him in action.  
Ty runs home after a hard hit!
He also played catcher again today. He is excellent at it.  Apparently at the last game, the umpire asked Darren who their catcher was, after Darren told him, he said, "Man, he's good!"  He takes charge of that ball and does all that he can to ensure the opposing team doesn't steal any bases.

Here are a few highlight photos from today's game.  You can also click on the photo album below to view ALL of them.
Gabe #5
 Landen on 1st Base.
 Evan pitched for our team today!
 Coaches in deep thought.
Landen has a near miss with a pop fly.  If he had only pinched down on his glove a little harder.  Gabe refrained from catching it, since Landen "called it".
 Ty in action as catcher.  He jumps up to catch the ball, but misses :(
Pastor Coach Nick cheering Ty on for a good catch.
 Landen swings!
This little boy and his grandad hung out the entire game!
Way to go Orioles!!!!

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