Monday, April 7, 2014

The Birthday Girl & Her Guests!

Well, I saved the best for last... the Birthday girl and her guests.  I hope you have enjoyed all of the details of the party. The reality is, Lilah's party would NOT have been what it was without her special friends. These girls are definitely a beautiful blessing/gift to her life.  They are not classmates, but rather friends from church, that she has grown up with, for the past five years.  All of their mommies as well as myself are praying that their love for one another continues to grow and that ultimately their friendships are joined together by their common love for Jesus Christ.  Three special people were missing that day, Salene, Saleece, and Aeila.  We hope that we will get to see them soon!!!! Enoy the rest of the photos below. I grouped the photo album pictures by person, so you will see of ton, of each individual, back to back.  

My Precious 5 Year Old!
Entering "Oh So Glitzy!"
As soon as they arrived, they were asked to put on SPA robes.
And immediately they had their hair, nails, toes, and makeup done!
"Oh Girls just wanna have fun!"
Sing that to the tune of Cindy Lauper's song! LOL!!!!
Birthday Girl!
Ansley was a spit fire that day!
Vivian... all smiles!
Love my girl!
Julia - beautiful on the inside and out.
One of Liley's favorite past times.
I think out of all the pictures that WithHisLight Photography took, this one of Ansley is one of my favorites.  She was captured writing a birthday message to Lilah!
10 toes!
A glimpse into her wedding day! EEEEEKKKK
Shocked at her hair (halfway done!)
Smiley Charlotte.
Adorable Kate!
Like a little china doll! (below)
Girls of all ages love make-up!