Monday, April 7, 2014

Trying To Overcome Texting and Driving...

I have been really abusing the privilege of texting and driving lately.  I can read an entire email while driving, watch a youtube video, or search for something on google that needs to be done, ordered, or created. ALLLL WHILE DRIVING.  Rest assured, I am NOT doing this with my children in the car.  They won't let me.  I have asked them to hold me accountable to typing on my phone while driving.  AND ALL THREE of them DO!  If I am trying to dial a phone number, I will hear, from anyone of them, "Mom, you're not supposed to be texting and driving!" I follow up with, "You're right!  Thank you.  I am just dialing a phone number!"  

My stepmom once reminded me that just because my children are not in the car, doesn't mean I am not a mother, wife, or friend at that given point in time, to others.  She's right, but slowly, the "no texting rule", sneaks into, "Oh, I'll just read them at a stop light!" and eventually to "I wonder what I could make for dinner tonight?" and I begin searching for recipes while I am driving.  Typically, all of this takes place because I am trying to kill two birds with ONE stone.  I am a multi-tasker.  Most women have to be in order to accomplish anything.  

Anyway, I know it is foolish, unsafe and illegal, but for some reason I think I am invisible/the exception to the long term dangers and tickets that could accompany texting and driving.  I have tried to make a rule that every time I get in the car I should put my cell phone in my trunk, but sometimes that's just not possible. What if I need to make a phone call?  What if I want to listen to pandora? I need a much greater idea to help keep me off of my phone while driving.  

During my study time this morning, I was studying Colossians 1:11-12. 
"May you be strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might, for all endurance and patience with joy, giving thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of the saints in light."
As I was studying, I came across this article, from John Piper's blog, DesiringGod.Com, titled, "Don't Underestimate Your Commute."  It was a gentle reminder of how much a 15 minute car ride, 4-5 times a day, could be spent living in the sight of the Lord, according to his glorious might.  See an excerpt below...
New Depths of His LoveWhat happened to Flavel and Edwards and Moody could happen to us. I don’t mean experience for the sake of experience. I mean an intrusion of divine power that makes Christ dwell in our hearts through faith, a strength to comprehend more all the dimensions of his love, to be filled with all the fullness of God. In other words, to realize what Paul prays in Ephesians 3:14–21, and to have that instead of talk radio or our latest favorite album.
What they had, and what we want, is the Father to grant us clearer metrics on the incalculable riches of his mercy. It’s not less than cognitive, but so much more. It is powerful. It is affectual. And it is “rooted and grounded in love” in such a way that others benefit from the new depths we grasp. It propels our personal holiness into servant-hearted mission. We taste and see afresh what cannot be mastered. “No matter how much we know of the love of Christ, how fully we enter into his love for us, there is always more to know and experience”.
Commissioning Our Commute Next WeekDo we underestimate what God can do in our souls during that 20-minute drive home from work? Has our little faith sold out to making that time about vegging out with the car stereo? To be sure, it can be good to blast the music sometimes, or get the scoop on sports. No doubt we enjoy God through the beauty of those things. And NPR can be interesting. But I’m advocating that knowing him be our norm, that pursuing him be our pattern. What if we had a more God-besotted commute.
Really. I mean it. What if for one week we commissioned our commute for more expressly seeking God? Let’s start with just five days, beginning this upcoming Monday through Friday. Would you join me in setting this time aside for prayer and meditation on the gospel?
If you spend time on the road by yourself, whether in your own car or on a bus or a train, use that time to intentionally seek Jesus by mulling over a verse or portion of Scripture. Or use that time to intercede for your family. Dream of holiness for your kids. Or relinquish your anxieties to him who cares for us. Or meditate on a Jesus-centered Christmas song. Or perhaps simply pray for your own soul what the apostle has prayed for you 
So this is the "much greater idea" I now have to help me stay away from my cell phone while operating a 2-ton piece of machinery and transporting myself to and fro. Monday to Friday, this week, would you join me? I pray that as I do this consistently, it will become a habit, a desire, and a pure joy to commune with God instead of my iPhone, as I drive. Please pray for me to really be obedient to this.