Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Disney World - Penny Pressing Preparation!

In preparation for our trip, to Disney, I have realllllllllllllllllllllly planned ahead.  I cannot wait to share all of the fun things I have been working on, over the past 9 weeks.  Like normal, I will share all of my ideas in stages.  

Today, I'd love to share with you the penny pressing containers that I created.  

First, what is penny pressing?  Basically, machines take coins (typically pennies) and elongate (flatten or stretch) and emboss the penny with a new design.  The purpose is to create a souvenir token.

One of my kids very favorite souvenirs, at the Great Wolf Lodge, are pressed pennies!  So, I know they will desire to press some pennies in Disney World. One reason I love pressing pennies is because it's one of the most affordable souvenirs you can get while traveling. Each penny costs fifty-one cents.

There were many reports on ways to store your unpressed pennies, so that you don't have to go fumbling through your wallet or the bottom of your pocket book to find .51 cents.  One idea was to remove the m&ms from a miniature m&m container and store your quarters/pennies that way, but I also read that those containers tend to get really heavy, from the amount of coins it can hold. I have also heard that they make a LOT of noise. So, I was on a mission to create my OWN penny press containers.  
I found these adorable containers at Michael's craft store, in the dollar bins, right in the front of the store. For $1, you get these adorable containers filled with buttons.  
I specifically chose these colors (above), at first, because they went well with the character's I had in mind. I went back to Michael's a few weeks later and they had a black container, so I exchange the orange for the black... a total MICKEY color.
I emptied the buttons and applied an adorable, Disney character, sticker to the front of each container.
Lilah has Minnie Mouse.
Jax has Micke Mouse.
And Tyson has goofy!
Next up...
 I raided Tyson's piggy bank.  Don't worry, I paid him back in "dolla dolla bills ya'll!!!"
 AND then I loaded up each container, in patterns of (2) quarters and (1) penny. 
Each day, the kids will be able to press 6 pennies.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but that adds up fast. The machines are ALL OVER the park, so the kids will have to be selective in choosing which machines to press pennies in.  Each night, I will refill their containers back up to the top. Tada!!!
 Below is the finished project!!!
I failed to take note that I should be soaking our pennies in white vinegar before storing them.  So, I guess I need to add that to my "last minute" list of things to do.  Apparently, this makes the pennies VERY shiny.  

I have printed the penny pressing machine maps for each park.  Maybe the kids and I will start marking the map and decide which penny machines we want to use.

When the penny is "pressed", I will have the kids store their elongated pennies into their "penny pincher" change purse.  I hope you have enjoyed reading. You know when we get back from Disney, there will be a post on the pressed pennies we collected.  LOL! I like to deliver results.  I aim to please. :)