Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disney World Travel Snacks

From the moment that I knew we were going to Disney World, I have had my eyes peeled open for Disney snacks.  I have been collecting them over the last 9 weeks.  Unfortunately, MOST of the items are JUNK, but having these few snacks to bring with us, to the parks or on the airplane, will be a nice way to save a little bit of money.  Park prices are always sky high.  
Dried Apples
Minnie Mouse Pezz Candy
Mickey Mouse Pezz Candy
Goofy Pezz Candy
Sugar Cookies
Jelly Bellies
Disney Tummy Tickler Juices
 "Shamu & Friends" Crackers  - From The Seaworld Park
Containers For Smaller Snacks
Zipblock Bags
For additional details on WHERE each item came from, please click on the photo album below, and use the captions as a reference.  Some of the stores that you would least expect to find Disney items at, but surprisingly there are always a ton at, is Walgreens, CVS Drugstore, and Toys R. Us.