Friday, April 18, 2014

Fabulous Finds Friday!!!

On Wednesday, I was shopping for our Disney trip (trying to color coordinate 5 family members x 6 days...not an easy task). Anyway, when the entire mall fails me, I usually hit Sears.  I've been telling Darren that Sears has some really cute stuff.  He doesn't believe me.  LOL! I was looking in the shoe section and spotted these Bongo pewter sneaks! 
Originally $19.99
Marked down to $9.99.  

I tried them on and thought they were cute, even though they are not my typical style. When I got to the register, the cashier said they were marked down even more... to $4.50.  I was elated. If you like them, they have a few left.  Go grab yourself a pair.  That's a total fabulous find!
Next, Bongo Silver Flats
Same deal.... I wasn't CRAZY about these, but they are cute and comfy...
 Originally $24.99
 Marked down to $9.99, then down to $4.50.  Whoooo-hoooooo!
They may not be the CUTEST shoes or the "summeriest" shoes, but I don't care.  A steal, is a steal, is a steal!!!