Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Disney Easter Egg Hunt

It's one of our family favorite traditions.... an Easter egg hunt. We do it every year and the kids are nothing but smiles. After church, our family ate lunch together, and the kids went upstairs for about 20 minutes to watch a movie while Darren and I hid the eggs. This year, we had a theme for our hunt. DISNEY! I'm sure that is not a surprise to you.  LOL!

There were a ton, ton, ton of eggs.  Darren and I were actually running out of hiding spots, so we just started throwing them in the grass. I bought as many disney character "eggs" as I could find, but for the plain eggs, I spruced them up a bit, by hot gluing Disney character stickers to them.

We had a few "rules" for the hunt...

1. Youngest gets a 10 second lead, then second youngest, then oldest.  Lilah left after second 10.  Ty left after second 20.
2.  No pushing, shoving, or arguing.  Anyone who is caught doing that has to "freeze" for 10 seconds.
3.  Everyone has to have, at the end, at least 25 eggs with pins in it.
4.  Lilah, be on the look out for two LARGE pink eggs, Jax one large green and blue, and Ty one large yellow and green.
5.  NO eggs are allowed to be opened before the hunt is finished.
6.  All the golden and silvered eggs are hidden in this hunt.

Enjoy the photos!  It was so nice to see the smiles on the kids faces as they ran for their lives to collect eggs.
Inside these over sized eggs were some special disney items that the kids will be using on the trip! Each egg had different stuff in it because each egg was a tad smaller than the next. For instance, Jax's egg had a light up Mickey mouse fan, an electronic disney tooth brush, and his penny press container filled with quarters and pennies.
 Hidden Eggs
 One of the golden eggs.
 "On your mark, get set, go!!!!!!!!!!!"
 Youngest goes first...
 2nd youngest...
Then Oldest....
Tyson was a good sport about the delay and it didn't slow him down or stop him ONE bit.  He still collected the most eggs.
Lilah found a "silvered" egg.  Both the silvered and golden egg had "Disney Dollars" in them.  I stuffed about $50 worth of Disney dollars in eggs.  Lilah collected $7 worth.  LOL!  I will be exchanging these Disney dollars for real money.  The kids can use them to spend at Disney.
 After it was al over with, the kids laid out a beach towel and went to town emptying their eggs.  And now for the great reveal and exchange.
Some Egg Fillers
75 of the eggs had Disney trading pins
Google+ Gift Cards for their tablets.
Disney gummies
Disney play jewelry
Disney dollars
Mickey Mouse stickers
Mickey Mouse bandaids
And more...
It was a fun event for our family to do together. It creates wonderful memories filled with loads of smiles.  Did it take us far from the true meaning of Easter that day? NO!!! It's no different from the  "distractions" that take place from pigging out with family, watching a movie, taking a nap, mowing the lawn or grocery shopping.  It didn't trump our love for Christ, never has, never will!
I'll post the rest of the photos, below, later today, using Picasa!!