Monday, March 3, 2014

My Sidekick!

For the last two months, this adorable, 3-ring binder, designed for us BOLLINGS, has been my sidekick.  It's been extremely difficult transporting this binder everywhere I go because I have to make sure it is well hidden from certain "peeps".  We've kept this magical plan very much on the down low and I am slightly reserved about posting about this binder out of fear that our surprise will be RUINED. WE have yet to disclose ANYTHING to the little members in our home. The BIG reveal party is March 25th, just 22 days away.  I just know there will be LOADS of squeals and happy faces. Be on the look out for the details. PLEASE DO NOT mention a word of this to our children.  Better yet, do NOT even bring it up to us until after March 25th :) 
The Binder ~ I never leave home without it!
I will be writing, in detail, about what's inside after March 25th.