Monday, March 3, 2014

Jax's Last Basketball Game & "Banquet"

Jax and Cohen's last basketball game ended two weekends ago.  This was a wonderful experience.  Jax truly loved every single moment of being a part of his basketball team.  He was energetic, enthusiastic, and pumped up to play at every single game.  Darren and I, at first, dreaded having somewhere to be every Saturday morning.  Jax's games were always the 1st (9:00 am) or 2nd (10:00 am) game of the day, but seeing Jax's love for basketball really changed our view point.  In addition, towards the last few weeks of his basketball season, we committed ourselves to adding an additional workout to our week. Currently, every Saturday, Darren and I take "Cardio Mix" together at the YMCA.  We have convinced Aaron and Lisa to join us as well.  It's an amazing way to get your Saturday morning started.  Despite Darren's  "in your face" approach, while we are working out, I LOVE working out next to my energetic hubby.
Listening to the "announcer"
Jax and Co received their trophies.
 "We're #1"
 The team says, "Cheese".  Posing for a photo!
Now that basketball season is over, we are considering YMCA t-ball next.  There's no doubt Jax is going to be an athlete like the rest of the males in our family.  Sorry the photography was so horrible. The photos were taken with my iPhone.  My camera's battery was dead. :(