Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Spa-aaahprise Invitation To Lilah's 5th Birthday Party

Lilah's 5th birthday "party" invitations went out today!  As mentioned, in this post, the twins are having a very low scale, individual "celebration", with their local friends, but nothing over the top because of our gift to them this year (the gift has yet to be disclosed to them).  Lilah is having a girly girl party at "Oh So Glitzy!".

Each girl will have the luxury of getting a manicure and pedicure, as well as their hair and make-up done, while wearing a plush spa robe. After getting all "made up", they will be able to enjoy the dress up room, by picking out and wearing one of the many selections of dress-up outfits offered.  Lunch will be served and I will be making some adorable cupcakes. Before leaving the party, each girl will get to visit the candy buffet/bar and fill a bag filled, to the brim, with candy and take home a polaroid picture of themselves, in the "candy shop".

The party guests already knew about the party.  I asked them to "save-the-date", but I had to do a spa-tacular invitation, of course.  

Below is the invitation...  
I found this helpful printable at
So, I printed the spa mask invite.
The rest of the invitation was left up to me and my likings.
I guess you could just send the cut out mask to your party guests, but it's a tad lonely/plain looking, to me. I chose two types of paper for the front of the mask.  
1. Glittered (I loved this paper because it matches the name of the party venue, "Glitzy".
2. Paisley
I feel like both paper choices were a good replica of what an actual spa mask would look like, but it had nothing to do with a birthday party. So...I found the below paper and decided to use it on the back of the mask.
I spotted the below pack of ribbon, on sale, at Michael's for $.99 cents, originally $5.99. I was able to buy 5 packs, in colors blue and pink, for the same price as ONE pack's original price. I love DEALS!!!
After assembling the card stock, in conjunction with the mask printable, I took the ribbon and hot glued it around the the perimeter of where the invitation details go.  
Doesn't it look so sweet? But it was still missing something.
While picking out paper and ribbon, these adorable cupcake embellishments, by Jolee's, called my name.  ALSO originally $5.99, on sale for $.99 cents.  SCORE!!!!!
Here is the back of the invitation.  NOW, there is a hint of party/birthday!!!
Here is the invitation before it was filled in. 

****OH AND... a special THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT, to my BFF Ashely, for the use of her ADORABLE handwriting.  Love ya girl!!!****
And here is the completed invite! I was having a very difficult time capturing the true beauty of this invitation, but regardless, it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.  I always love when that happens.
 Here's the paisley invite.
I purchased a spa jpeg file from etsy @ jwillustrations, for $5.00, and used the clip art to decorate the outside of the envelope. The front of the envelope is below.
The back of the envelope below.
More of the spa-tacular invitation.
I am super excited about this party.  It's the first time I am able to stay fixed and focused on GIRLY things, rather than trying to make the party neutral. I have already picked out and packaged up the insanely cute party "bags". I cannot wait to share those with you, but you'll have to wait until after March 22nd.  I have a professional photographer coming, to the party, to capture all of the special/priceless moments, while to girls get beautified.  Be on the look out for all of those details.  

Disclaimer: Ashely and Carlene, don't feel slighted (please) that your girls did NOT receive an invitation. This is a quick, little celebration, and I did NOT want you to feel pressure to travel.