Thursday, February 13, 2014

"In The Ring..."

We have "Load'em Up Lilah"
Let's Get Ready To Ruuuuuuummmmmbbbbbbble!
She ain't afraid of NO...BODY!
 After jumping down, Jax waisted no time.  He was trying to get that girl on the mat.
 But, it looks like Lilah had more success getting him to the mat.
Back on top, he takes her down!
These two were no holds bar!
In mid-air she goes....
Two can play at this game!
At some point, Jax said, "I'm taking off my pajamas and wearing what the wrestlers wear. " LOL! Hence the reason for these shots without pajamas.
He turned his back, to her, for one second and she jumped on him.
There was loads of laughter, but here, Jax exclaimed, "You're going down!"
"Butt" there she goes again.  She's back up on her toes.
Pinned'em Down!
Pinned for the Win!!!

Those two are inseparable!
So glad my girly girl can keep up with the tough boys.