Thursday, January 2, 2014

The S Sisters

They are my youngest siblings: Salene and Saleece.  We usually get together a week or two after Christmas and do a small Christmas gift exchange, but I knew with conflicting schedules, working parents, and Salene now in school herself, it may not be possible, so I went ahead a mailed their packages to them. In their shipment, arrived two colorful and personalized boxes.
I LOVED these "tool boxes" so much, I bought 4 of them this Christmas. (2) for the S sisters and (2) for my twins.  Recall, I bought one for Cohen, 2 years ago.  Of course they didn't just receive a box.  Inside it was chuck full with all kinds goodies.

Lipgloss on a retractable hook. #thanksjustice
Fake nails. #thanksclaires
Saleece (above).  Salene (below).
 Fun, finger-less gloves #thanksclaires
 "Hani-tizer" #thanksbathandbody
"Charm-it" Charms. Additions to the charm bracelet I bought them last year.  #thanksourlittlecherubs
 The lamb charm represents Leecie's "lamb-ee" blanket that she carries around.
 An ice cream charm for the "Sweet Frog Yogurt" lover 
And a tooth charm because Salene just lost her first tooth.  
A colorful braided hair attachment.  #thanksclaires
Then a selection of Christmas goodies. Reindeer food, a LARGE candy cane, a Christmas pencil and sticker sheet, the elf on the shelf cookie, and a Christmas book.
Each girl received the same items, but I bought Salene a chapter book.  
This will come in handy, next year, when she is in first grade.  
 Also, a new build-a-bear dress and pair of shoes.
Saleece (above).  Saleene (below)
Finally, each girl received gift cards to the movies, Chuck E. Cheese, and Five Below. Salene and I had a conversation about the movie Frozen.  She was sad because our kids went to see it and so did a classmate of hers, so I wrote her a letter telling her "NOW, you can see the movie Frozen too!
 I can't imagine any little girl wound't enjoy receiving this gift.
The box holds quite a bit.  Originally, I was going to fill it with girly tools, but I thought the other items were not only much more fun, but also way more practical.
I could have sworn I took pictures of Salene's box too, but apparently, I forgot.  Her box was identical. It just had her name on it instead. Incase I don't blog Lilah or Jaxon's box, currently, Lilah's box holds all of her teacher pretend school supplies and Jaxon's holds all of his favorite Cars and Airplanes from both Disney Movies Cars & Planes.