Monday, January 27, 2014

Saying Goodbye To "Tech", Our Pet Hamster

(December 26, 2012 - January 26, 2014)
Two Sundays ago, we noticed our hamster's, Tech, eyes would not open.  He was moving sluggishly and not eating.  Within the week, it became obvious that Tech's life was coming to an end.  I think he truly was dying from "old" age.  Apparently hamsters only live about 2-3 years.  We had him for 2 years. 

This past Sunday, Tech passed away.  We placed him in his own little zip block box coffin and kept him there until we were able to find the time to burry him.  
Today, the kids and I used the mountainous area, across the street from our home, to burry him.  The ground was so hard to dig because it has been ruthlessly cold here.  We did the best we could to get the hole deep enough.  
We found a nice spot.
Without daddy there to help, we couldn't dig the hole big enough to keep him in his coffin, but we padded the hole with fresh hamster shedding and placed him on top. We filled his hole back up and decorated the area where he was buried.  
The kids handled the entire process so well.  Absolutely NO tears.  No major questions.  Just simple goodbyes.  Lilah did ask if we could get a dog, but of course my answer was a BIG FAT "NO!"
 Now his cage sits, lonely, without him.  
He was a sweet hamster, but the reality was, no one played with him and I was fully responsible for taking care of him, minus the few times I forced Tyson to clean the cage or when Lilah got on being a "mom" kick and carted him around all over the house.  
After we headed home, Lilah found another "heart shaped rock" and ran it up to his area to say one more final goodbye.  
And NOW, I will leave you with a FUNNY on hamsters, just because if you are anything like my husband, you think I am morbid, weird, or you are laughing your tale off at this post.