Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jax and Cohen Join A Basketball Team!!!!

Video Highlights from Jax and Cohen's FIRST Basketball Game!!!!
Jax and Cohen joined a basketball team together.  Each Saturday, for the next 6 weeks, these boys practice for the first 30 minutes and then they play a 30 minute game.  The first game was Saturday, January 12th.  Both boys did INCREDIBLE for their very first time EVER playing on a team.

Warming Up!
More warming up!
One on one warming up with the Coach.
Waiting for the game to start!
Jax and Cohen's "biggest" fans!
Let the game begin!!!
Jax was ALL over it! 
His enthusiasm was perfect!
Jax runs down the court.
This is the look of "Yea, I just scored! You proud?"
Going down for the ball!
Cohen scored at least 3 baskets, if not more, during this game!
Jax shot a TON, but it never made it in.  :(
I hate that this shot is blurry, but it shows Jax's hard work!
Taking a little snooze during the game :)
Good Game! Maroon WON!!!!!!!
Double Click on the photo album below to view ALL of the photos taken at this game!