Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gabe Shaffer Turns 9

Last week a special friend of the Bolling family turned 9, Gabe Shaffer.
We were invited to party-harty with him and his family and a few of his buddies from the football team.
 What boy doesn't like football?
 With their older brothers and their daddies?
There was a cold chill, in the air, so Sam and Jake got a fire going for the mommies & sisters cheerleaders.
And… so it goes… 
Where there are boys, there is also blood. Poor Elijah got a bloody nose.
 We were taking bets about who was having more fun, the daddies or the boys.
 Ranger exclaims, "Come on, you should've had that!"
 I loved how Jax, even being the youngest, was right in on the fun and tackles.
So sweet!  See the ball in the sky? He's such a special kid.
 Rough and Tough
 I think Elijah's face is hilarious in the below photo!
 Jax stopped at nothing to stop a play!
 There's the birthday boy having the time of his life!
After football, he opened gifts.  We bought Gabe a personalized puzzle of himself, in his football jersey, a "stow and go", and two pairs of elite socks.  You can tell by his reaction, tongue out, that he loved the gift :) Yes, even over socks.  It's the hot item for 9 year olds.
 Just chillin!
 Time for cake and ice cream!
 "Happy Birthday to you…
   Happy Birthday to you…
   Happy Birthday to Gabe…
   Happy Birthday toYOU!"
Making "wishes!" 
 The boys after sugar.  
It was a fantastic day!!! Tyson said it was "the best party he's ever been to."  We love ya Gabers! Thanks for including us in on the fun.  We were glad to be a part of your special day! You can double click on the photo album below to see the rest of the photos I didn't include in this post.