Sunday, December 22, 2013

FIRST Family of 5 Portrait EVER!

A few weeks before Christmas, I signed our family up for a "mini session" with a local photographer.  Her name is Trent Currin.  For $65, I received a 1 hour photo session and the top best photos of her choice. I received 42 photos to be exact. This was the first family photo session EVER since the twins have been born. That's kind of sad, but I take a ton of pictures, so it's not like I haven't documented their life in other ways.  You know me, the task of coming up with what to wear was WAY WORSE than the actual photo session.  I LOVED our color scheme… turkish blue, cheetah print, and browns.  Up against the red barn, it looked awesome.  We had the choice between Roanoke College Campus or a red barn.  I almost strayed from the red barn because our pastor's family just took photos, near a red barn, and I did NOT want it to seem as if I was copying them, but that's where Trent was taking pictures that day, so eh… it is what it is.  The kids were more than cooperative and this was after a long day at church and NO NAP!
Here are a few more of my favorites
I chose some of my favorite photos for our Christmas card :), so you have already seen them. Below are all of the other photos that she chose to edit and give to us. There is only one or two that I don't care for.  I can't wait to use these photos for a "face lift" for our blog.  The new year will bring a new blog look.  Be on the look out!!! I also am very excited to finally print them and place them on our wall.