Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Way You Love Me!

This is probably ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONGS I have ever allowed my ears to hear.  I dedicate this song to two special people in my life, who have gone through so much "loss", but it's the way that HE loves.  He has "destroyed" their lives, so that "everything that meant ANYTHING to them is now gone!"  Giving them a much greater joy and hope in what really matters...HIM above/Christ.  Praying for Christ to reign in you both and hoping the "call" is heard loud and clear. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!  I LOVE YOU BOTH and I am constantly praying for you both!

The Way That You Love ME! (Lyrics)

This heart breaks slowly
Tell me what are you doing to me
When I prayed do what it takes
I didn’t know I’d lose everything
Everything that meant anything to me is gone
How could something so right go so wrong
It is the hurt that breaks me
And it’s the pain that pulls me to my knees
and the tears they’ve changed me
til what I couldn’t see
Becomes so clear to me
This is the way
The way that you love me
My way destroyed me
I couldn’t see I was my worst enemy
So you took away til my soul ached
And I knew that it was no mistake
That everything that meant anything to me was gone
Now something right has to come from this wrong
Chorus *love this part the MOST* (below)
You loved me so much that you let me
You let me fall knowing that I would loose it all and hear your call
You love me so much that you chase me
When I ran away you captured me by letting me run to the end of myself
To the end of myself and this is way you love