Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Recipes

From: The "Fun Frogs!"

Lilah and Jaxon's teachers put together, with the help of their students "fun frogs", a compilation of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes.  Each student was responsible for choosing their favorite item to eat, at Thanksgiving, and explain HOW to cook it. When I read these out loud, I literally was crying, I was laughing so hard. 
 My little Chef Lilah
 She chose "mac and cheese".  Read how she thinks you cook mac and cheese!
 My little Chef, Jax
Jax chose to cook mashed potatoes. I have NEVER cooked mashed potatoes for my children, because they do not LIKE them, but I am stunned at how close Jax was to describing the cooking directions.  Maybe culinary institute is in his future?
 The rest of their classmates recipes were also included.  Keith's is so comical to me.
Do this with your own kids! I can't wait to hear their recipes descriptions.