Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fort Lewis "Fun Run"

Two Fridays ago Darren and I signed up to volunteer at Tyson's school. We wanted to be a part of Ft. Lewis Elementary's First Annual "Fun-Run".  Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate, so the run turned into a "walk-a-thon" in the gymnasium.  The kids still seemed to have a complete blast!!!
The class participation was divided up amongst the 8 hour school day.  
Tyson's class went from 10 am to 12 pm.  The first hour they spent playing games in the gymnasium.  Darren and I "chaperoned" Ty's classmates.
One parent volunteered to be a "dj" the entire day, so he had LOUD music playing in the gym the entire time.  
It brings me great joy to watch Darren interact with children/students/Tyson's peers. He's gifted with building a rapport with children.
I loved that I was able to capture the excitement and thrill that this event brought to the children that day!!! Check out those smiles.
Tyson tries to score the highest score out of his group!
Mr. Competitive!
Hula hoop fun!
After the games were over, the one hour walk-a-thon began!  YES!!!  WE literally walked an entire hour. Thankfully the loud music helped!!! I had to give up my work out that day, due to my volunteering, so I was thankful to walk an hour, making up my workout :)
The walkers walked normally, and then were asked to walk backwards.
The students raised $12,431.00 for this event.
A very special thank you to
REID AND RENEE (Darren's dad and mom)
ANN PRATT (my mom)
LISA DOLLOPH (Best Neighbor Ever)
Ty's Mommy and Daddy :)
For ALL of their kind contributions!
Tyson raised over $100.00

Each student donation was an entrance into a drawing for an iPad! Tyson's best pal, at school, Joey, was the winner!!!