Saturday, October 19, 2013

"You've Been Boo'ed"

Each year, in the month of October, our neighborhood secretly begins the "You've BEEN Boo-ed" game.  It's reallllly fun to receive Halloween gifts at your door, but it's even more exciting to be the one to give the gifts because it's almost like doing a legal "ding dong ditch". :) On Tuesday night, the twins and I were home alone and we heard our door bell ring at 7:35 pm.  I went to the door, but saw no one.  It creeped Lilah and Jax out. 15 minutes later it happened again.  I texted Darren and told him to be on a mission for the "ding dong ditchers".  When he arrived home from football, he said, "I scoped the entire neighborhood and found NO ONE, but I think I found the reason for the doorbell ringing."  He brought in a bucket of Halloween goodies.
The next day, I shopped for the families we would being boo-ing AND on Thursday night, we boo-ed two of our neighbors.  
 Here are the goodies that we gave out.  
Off the family goes to deliver the goods, in the dark.  How is this done?  Print a "You've Been Boo-ed" worksheet.  Shop for goodies.  Basically, "Ding, Dong, Ditch" a neighbor, but leave them some treats.
Check out the GORGEOUS photo of the moon that was on display that night.  
The video clips don't show much, but you can hear our footsteps running and my panicked voice as Ty was running home in the pitch dark.