Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Highlanders... Still Undefeated!

Tonight, the Highlanders played against their biggest rival (both teams were undefeated). The Bulldog team players should really be the Highlanders' teammates.  Basically, the "peewee" football team, for Glenvar, was so large, that they had to divide up the teams to make two teams.  It's a terrible outcome because all of these boys are from the same school district.  Some of the boys, given their age and lack of self-control, talk trash to their classmates/their opposing players. Just today, one of our neighbors, who is a player on the other team, told Ty, "We are going to cream you guys tonight!"  Tyson, humbly said NOTHING.  I'm so proud of him.  His humility paid off and now that boasting boy has to go to school tomorrow feeling foolish because tonight, the Highlanders beat the Bulldogs 34-6 (and that was after the slaughter rule went into affect).

Tyson played really well.  He almost made a touch down.  He made a tackle.  He made a 1 point conversion. AND being the quarterback he fulfilled his role properly helping his teammates to score 6 touchdowns.  

A special shout out to Jackson and Gabe on all of the touch downs that they made. Joey almost made a touch down too. The chances of our team going to the Super Bowl is looking better and better every day. The Highlanders' victory earned them practice off, on both Thursday and Saturday.  Maybe Coach Darren will take us to Myrtle Beach!!!! 
 Coach D giving the boys water!
 "Go, Fight, WIN!!!!"
 Coach Zach and Coach Nick
 Player down!
 Coach Nick telling Ty the play!
 "Score board, score board, score board, score board!"
The score board said 34-0, but that was 2 minutes before the game was over.
 Coach Nick, with his finger pointed, "Don't talk any crap!"
 "Good Game!!!"
Players, with helmets in hand, AFTER a hard game!
Walking off the field!!