Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

I woke up this morning and had the thoughts, "I want to liven up my house a little!"  I wanted to complete a task today that would make me smile.  I only had 4 hours to do it.  I couldn't rearrange an entire room.  I couldn't go furniture shopping and have the item delivered today.  I couldn't order curtains and have them hung by 1:00 pm. Nor could I trifle through thousands of photos, have them printed, and placed in frames before preschool ended, so I purchased paint and painted instead.

I am BY NO MEANS a painter AND I had TOTAL reservations about doing this idea on my own.  I gave myself a small pep talk, called my painter to get some tips, and by 9:15 am, I was in Sherwin Williams buying paint.  

What was the task?  Painted Interior Doors....This is BY NO MEANS a new phenomina.  It's probably ALL OVER pinterest, but I have to write about it because 1. I'm a blogger and that's what bloggers do and 2. I want to give you the idea because you should paint your interior doors as well.   

Here is what my foyer looked like before 9 am today.
 And visibly shows dirt due to 30 cute fingers touching daily!
Now... the door is black, symmetrical to my black accents, sophisticated/modern looking, hides dirt well, and brings my foyer a finished look.
The only "negative" to doing this, is that every time I walk past the door, my heart stops/sinks.  At night, in particular, the black door gives the illusion that the front door is WIDE open.  Darren and I freak out every time, especially when we come downstairs, after a long night's sleep, and think we've left the door open ALL night.  

After I did this, I went on pinterest and saw MOUNDS of people who have painted the interior of their home's doors.  I enjoyed this post immensely.  This woman gave a ton of reasons why a painted interior door is so beneficial :)  I am not sure I will bring myself to do all of the interior doors in my home, but I love the look of this door "behind closed doors".

I also noticed under my "house ideas" board, on pinterest, I did INDEED have an "interior painted door" pinned.  It's been over 10 months since I pinned it.  I knew I must have seen this idea somewhere.

PS.  Don't look too closely.  I have one more coat to put on the door, before 2:40 pm today. In TOTALITY, this task will have taken me less than 1.5 hours (including my trip to the paint store!!!) when completed.  Not bad.