Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day 2013

On Labor Day
 We spent the day with our small group (plus two extra kiddies).
 It was a ton of fun!
 Loads of pool football pics.

 The guys were so intense about it too!
 Sorry for the multitude of football pics.  I couldn't decided which ones I liked best.
 Crazy pool hair!
 More water football.

 Chicken Fights!
 Ty said, "I could have won, but I didn't want to pull Cami's hair!"
 Kate learns to swim.
 Brett and Aaron fellowshipping with the kids.
 Captured the hairy bug on camera.  
Combo between a bee and a grasshopper. We will call him a basshopper.
Ty and Gabe!  Best Buds!

The Harris family WAS also there.  I just didn't take my camera out before they left! 
The mommies just sat in the sun, chatted, and watched from afar.