Friday, September 27, 2013

A blog post from Lilah....

Lilah and Jax are in the "Fun Frogs" class.  Every Friday, someone gets to bring home "Friday the Fun Frog".  They are assigned a letter and at the end of the weekend, they are to write a "story" or draw a picture about their time with him. Their assigned letter is supposed to be incorporated into the story or drawing. Here is Lilah's story of her time with "Friday the Fun Frog".

"Dear Mrs. Donna, Mrs. Cheryl, & Classmates,

I was so excited to get “Friday the Fun Frog” on Friday.  When I got home from school, Friday and I took a nap, in my brother’s comfy bed.  My family and I had plans to spend the evening with our Church family. The grown ups talk about what they learned at Church the week before and the children get to play together in a separate room.  We call that small group.  So… we took a car ride to Pastor Brett’s home.
After small group was over, all of my friends and I ate cookies together.
See my friends?  There’s me, Lilah, Jax, Cohen, Caleb, Ansley, Vivian, Kate, Hank, Josh, Tyson, and Presley.  Josh, Mrs. Donna’s son, joined us as well.  And normally Julia is a part of our small group, but her mommy was home sickWe left around 9:15 pm and headed home to go catch some sleep. 

The next morning, we ate cereal for breakfast; Lucky Charms to be exact.  Josh had to leave early because he had a soccer game to go to.  We prayed for him, at breakfast, to make a goal.  We found out later that not only did he score a goal, but his team creamed the other team. 
On Saturday, my family and I went to the Virginia Tech football game.  That is the college that both my mommy and daddy graduated from.  When we arrived, we went to the concession stand and purchased some stadium “chow”.  Then we sat in our seats and watched the football players run after the ball and catch it.  My favorite part was watching the cheerleaders.  It rained the entire game, so we left at half time. 

Friday and I had fun “clowning around” in the rain! We got so wet.  After the game, mommy and daddy took us to Sweet FROG for some ice cream.  We thought maybe Friday the Frog would see his cousin there.  He was too busy enjoying the candy on top of his ice cream, to notice if his cousin was there or not. 

Later that night, my mommy and I listened to a song on the computer that our church choir has been singing a lot.  It’s called “Christ Alone, Cornerstone!  Do you know who Jesus Christ is? He is our Savior, who died for us on a cross, saving us from our sins and the wrath of God.
On Sunday, we went to Church.  We go to church at West Salem Baptist Church.  We are so thankful for our family in Christ.  I watched my mommy sing in the choir and then I went back to my classroom to learn about Jesus and play with my companions.
I’ll introduce you to my church friends: Kate, Jax, ME, Charlotte, and CalebJax's best buddy Cohen is normally in there, but he went to hear the BIG BOY sermon with his mommy and daddy.

After Church, we enjoyed a beautiful day by the creek. We went on a bike ride and enjoyed touring God’s marvelous creation

We saw people riding in canoes, catching fish, and my crazy daddy climbed a big tree.  On our bike ride back to the car, we looked up and saw the fluffy clouds. They looked like cotton balls. It was so hot that mommy and daddy treated us to ice cream again.  I chose to eat a cupcake instead.

Friday, you will be missed. It was so nice having to cart you around everywhere we went.  I think my mommy and daddy felt like we had a fourth child in our home.

Since I have a brother in Mrs. Donna’s class, you will be coming back to my house eventually!!!"